Buying and selling a property

Buying a new home or second home is a joyful event. We ensure you that the purchase takes place correctly and that all paperwork is in order.

Our research starts with a visit to the property to verify the descrition in the Land Register. After that we check the existence of any debts or outstanding payments, if all licenses are in order, if any developments are planned in the area and if so, will that affect your property and its surroundings. 

When setting up a private contract, a binding agreement between purchasing and vending party, we mention the alterations that need to be made and mention the agreed price. The contract commits both parties to proceed signing the Title Deeds if and when the obligations mentioned in the contract have been met by both parties. We control the process and are in touch with the vending party to make sure all arrangements take place within the timescale we set. 

 The administrative process like registration of the Title Deeds, Tax Authorities en taking care of the transmision tax is part of our services. Also changing over the Title on service contracts such as electricity, water and gas and the arrangement of payment by direct debit.

Besides taking care of your local taxes, we can also take care of yearly Non-Residency Tax, this concerns income/wealth tax over your capital (property) in Spain and we act as your fiscal representator.

New building projects

Before you actually start building, we make sure the plot is ready to be build on.
For example, all licenses are in order and your project meets the building regulations and specifications to make sure no unpleasant surprises or changes need to be made. During the project, we are in constant contact with the builder and architect to make sure that the work is beeing done to meet specifications to obtain building certificates. 

To manage this project, we set up a New Build Construction Contract to put in writing all building specifications and the quality of works. All parties involved need to meet and follow the mentioned. We will act as a mediator when changes need to be made. All changes will be documentated.

Every building stage will be completed with a certificate to be able to proceed with the following stage. When you decide to finance your building project, the financial institution will requiere the certificates to release structured payments.
We mediate and control to obtain the certificates.

When finishing the last stage, the declaration of new buildings need to be signed with a notary to be able to apply for the occupancy certificate. This occupancy certificate is essential to be able to contract electriciy and water supply for example.

We guide you throughout the entire project to achieve the desired result and outcome of your project.

Inheritance and Last Will

What should you do when you inherite real estate and / or capital in Spain? What should you do when you reach a certain age or want to leave things in order for your relatives?

Wetterström & Krol will advice you about the consequences of having a Will in Spain according your personal situation and will guide you and make arangements to set up your Last Will.

We take care of your inheritance from beginning to end. To ensure you a correct settlement, we work together with the local Notary. Every situation is different and the possibilities vary due to each situation. In very complex situations that we have handled in the past, we have not hesitated to collaborate with your solicitor and/or Notary in your country.

Mortgage Mediation

Financing the purchase of real estate might give you benefits with view to the future. Inheritance taxes are being calculated based upon capital minus (mortgage) debt. Depending on your personal situation, you might consider to take out a mortgage in Spain.

We advise regarding several posibilities to finance your project with different Financial Institutions. We are independant and look to negociate the best conditions with the most liable and stable Financial Institutions. Each bank in Spain has its own mortgage offers and the conditions can vary a lot. Also do the mortgage structures in Spain differ from the ones in your own country, therefore we offer transparancy on all conditions and explain the conditions in detail. Due to our own experience in the financial sector, we know our way and have our connections to be able to offer the best mortgage deals. We handle the negociations and present all documents to the bank to organize the mortgage for the day you sign the Title Deeds.

Company take-over

You have thought about taking over a business here in Spain or even want to start a new business. Save yourself a lot of trouble by using an independant solicitor to avoid false information and mistakes when checking the legal side of your business. We make sure that all liceses to perform your business activity are in order. licenses may have been applied for, but may not have been aproved yet. We set up a company take-over contract with conditions and obligations both parties involved need to meet before actually signing over the business. Even if you are sure that all is in order, doublecheck before you sign any take-over also known as a traspaso,we always look after your interest.
A good salesman may have catched your interest and it looks like the perfect business to take over. We are able to analyse a busines and its financial situation, by doing a range of legal and financial checks upon its general status.

Real Estate related matters

Not only when purchasing a property in Spain will requiere a NIE number (Spanish national identification number), even when buying a vehicle or activiating a guarantee on a dishwasher will requiere this number. The application for this Identification Number is included within our services when buying a property, but even if you are not buying a property, we can arrange the application of this NIE number.

If you haven´t yet found the property you want to buy, you might want to consider renting a property meanwhile. In this case we can set up the rental contract or check the contract that has been provided by the letter. Another option is a rental contract with option to purchase might you be really interesed, but do not want to purchase yet.

In case you already own a property and you want to reform the property, or have already reformed the property without all necesary licenses, we handle the application of the licenses, make sure all arrangements are beeing made to obtain the Newbuild license, register the newbuild with the Land Register and arrange tax payment.

Accountacy Services

Wetterström & Krol accountants take care of your business and personal administration. Everyone has a tax liability in Spain, whether you are a Resident or Non- Resident in Spain. Non-Residents pay taxes over tax capital in Spain. Besides real estate, this also includes investments and savings.

Before you can start as an autonomo (self employed) or start your own business, you need to get registrated with Oficial Authorities like the Social Security and Tax Authorities. We advise you on what business structure would be most convenient for you in your situation.

A very common question a lot of people have is if they need to become a Resident in Spain. This needs to be a very well thought decision, because it can have a lot of consequences if you become a Resident without having present all information. A person can benefit from changing over residency, but some due to their personal situation, may find themselves in a non reversible situation. There is a big difference between a fiscal resident and a administrative resident. We will point out the difficulties and benefits according to your personal situation.

Gestoria Services

- NIE applications
- Residency & Inscription Certificates
- Inscription Population Register
- Fiscal Representation
- Registration Official Authorities & Tax Authorities
- Vehicle import / transfer
- Cancel / Modify / Set up Direct Debits
- Translations
- Work permits