Why do I need a solicitor?
What is the difference between a solicitor and a gestor?
What is a NIE number?
Can I finance the purchase of a property?
What costs are involved when buying a property?
Do I have to become a resident in Spain?


You are looking to purchase a property in a country where  you are not familiar with the language and where the buying and selling process is different to the process in your own country. Building rules and regulations might not have been followed as well as licenses might not have been applied for in the past. These are reasons why all properties need to be checked before signing a Title Deed. Yet, there are people who do not use the services of an independant solicitor to check the legal status and situation of the property. These people might face unpleasant surprises after having bought the property.

We advise you to use the services of an independant solicitor to avoid difficult and complex situations. Your solicitor will check the legal status, find out if all financial obligations have been met and will act upon your behalf at all times. As an independant solicitor will not persuade you to buy a property.
A solicitor has had the proper education regarding law and has specialized him/herself in a specific area of law. A solicitor is also part of a Solicitors Bar Association and follows profesional conduct. The Wetterström & Krol Solicitors team are partial, independant, competent, honest and confidential.

A gestor is an advisor that might have the same field experience as a solicitor, but does not have the legal background nor ability to elaborate on complex matters.

Unlike a gestor, a solicitor has a professional obligation and conduct towards its clients which is essential when representing and protecting its clients.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------A NIE number is a unique identification number for foreigners in Spain. This number is essential when you want to purchase a property, open a bank account or even when you want to contract primary facilities, like water, electricity and gas. This number can be seen as your social security number.
There are different possibilities if you are looking to finance your project in Spain. Possibilities vary from a mortgage in Spain or even in your country of origin. The various options here in Spain requiere the necesary explanations because every bank apply different conditions, which can vary a lot.Which option would be best for you, depends on your personal situation. We are happy to advise you further on this matter.
When buying a property, you need to take into account an extra 10% on top of the purchase price to pay for the buyer costs, registration, Notary costs and taxes.

The question whether you need to become a Resident or not, depends on your personal situation. There is no staight forward answer. Theoretically you officially need to become Residente when you do not interrupt your stay during 183 days. But, there is a big difference between being a fiscal resident and an administrative resident.

We are glad to inform your further on this matter.